Tor server


The crisis in the Ukraine triggert me to provide Tor relays for the sake of more raw/origin news.


But my motivation is much bigger (and few inches in size): the Stasi observation files about my parents - few hundred pages. In contrast here're the ridiculous 9 (and mostly blackened) spy pages with data about my person - I fear I should have been done better in that dictatorship.

Freedom needs free press.
Free press needs whistle-blowing.
Whistle-blowing needs anonymity.
Anonymity is provided by Tor.


The status of my Tor relays are provided at the torproject and by nusenu. The RIPE launchpad gives more info about an IP address.


My relays run under a stable hardened Gentoo Linux with a recent stable Linux vanilla kernel. The Linux kernel is non-modular, do not have USB (reason), graphics, serial nor parallel interfaces, unnecessary drivers, file systems etc. Furthermore:

"Tor" and the "Onion Logo" are registered trade marks of Torproject, Inc.

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