Tor server


The crisis in the Ukraine triggert me to provide a Tor relay for the sake of more truth in the news.


But my motivation is much bigger (and few inches in size): the Stasi observation files about my parents - few hundred pages. In contrast here're the ridiculous 9 (and mostly blackened) spy pages with data about me.

In more detail:
Freedom needs free press.
Free press needs whistle-blowing.
Whistle-blowing needs anonymity.
And anonymity is provided by Tor.


The status of my Tor relays are provided by the torproject at this place and by nusenu. And here's the DNSSEC Authentication Chain for my DNS domain.


Look here for an official guide.

My relays run at a stable hardened Gentoo Linux under a recent stable vanilla kernel with a monolithic kernel. The Linux kernel is has no USB (due to this), no graphics, neither serial nor parallel interfaces, no unused drivers, file systems etc.

  • /tmp is a tmpfs, swap is encrypted
  • incoming ports except ssh and ORPort/s are closed
  • sshd listens at a non-default port, password login is forbidden
  • homepage is legal-checked (contact, impressum and disclaimer)

  • "Tor" and the "Onion Logo" are registered trade marks of Torproject, Inc.

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