Tor server


The political situation in the Ukraine in 2014 triggert me to provide a Tor relay. The NotPetya attack in 2017 motivated me to provide a Tor bridge And, since the full scale invasion of russia in the Ukraine at 24th of February 2022 I setup more Tor relays (status), bridges (status) and Snowflake clients.


Freedom needs free press.
Free press needs whistle-blowing.
Whistle-blowing needs anonymity.
Anonymity is provided by Tor.

But my motivation is based too at the reading of the Stasi observation files about my parents - few hundred pages. My spy file has just 9 (mostly blackened) pages. I should have been done better in the time of the former GDR.

helper tools

I developed and maintain a solution to prevent DDoS attacks against Tor relays. Few more more helper scripts can be found there too. To maintain my Tor systems I developed this solution.

"Tor" and the "Onion Logo" are registered trade marks of Torproject, Inc.

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