I do run this bot since 2014 just to have fun - and to redeem to the Linux distribution Gentoo Linux I do use and trust since 2003. The name "tinderbox" for this bot was re-used from the (retired) Gentoo developer flameeyes.

The goal is to identify build and installation issues of Gentoo software packages. For that it acts like a chaos monkey with a fuzzing attitude.

About a dozen Gentoo images are (based at a recent stage3 tarball) setup as an arbitrary combination of ~amd64 + profile + USE flag set. In each image all Gentoo packages are tried to be installed in an arbitrary order. Once a day @world is updated. No explicit unmerge is made. The ::gentoo repository is synced hourly within each image, changes are mixed into the image backlog. If emerge starts to have problems (usually after few days) then the image is replaced. All images are kept around for few weeks. Their files are accessible via http://tinderbox.zwiebeltoralf.de:port - replace port with 31560.

The ::gentoo tree coverage is about 70% for the past week and about 85% for the past month. It rarely exceeds 89% even after several weeks. The emerge failure rate is about 1%. The number of reported bugs is about 5 per day.

The sources are available under the GPLv3.

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