I do run this bot since 2014 just to have fun - and to redeem to the Linux distribution Gentoo Linux I do use and trust since 2003. The bot identifies build and installation issues of Gentoo software packages. The name "tinderbox" for the bot was re-used from the old (tinder-)box of the retired Gentoo developer flameeyes. The build bot acts like a chaos monkey, it setups a bunch of Gentoo images, runs in each: "qsearch --name-only --all | shuf | xargs -n 1 emerge" and acts on issues.

Each image is setup from a recent stage3 tarball as an arbitrary combination of ~amd64 + profile + USE flag set. Within each image all Gentoo packages are scheduled to be emerged in a randomized order. Once a day @world is updated. No explicit unmerge is made. The ::gentoo repository is synced hourly within each image, changes are mixed into the image backlog.
If @world or sth. else starts to have problems (usually after few days) then the image is replaced (but kept around for about 7 weeks if it has reported bugs). The images and the few stats for the past 7 weeks can be inspected at http://tinderbox.zwiebeltoralf.de:port - replace port with 31560.

The ::gentoo tree coverage rarely exceeds 65% for a single image. The coverage of all images is about 70% for the past week, but never exceeded 91%.

The sources are available under the GPLv3.

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