send anonymously an encrypted email

  1. install GnuPG
  2. import the public PGP key of the recipient name@address
    $> gpg --keyserver --search-key name@address
  3. create the document you'd like to send, eg.:
    $> echo "This is a private message." > cleartext_file
  4. encrypt cleartext_file into output_file
    $> gpg --output output_file --encrypt --armor --recipient name@address cleartext_file
  5. now either (from easy to complex) and point from that a web browser to AnonyMouse
  6. copy+paste the content of output_file into the Message: field
  7. put name@address into To:, choose an Subject: and press "Send"
Hint: If you like to get a reply, use an AnonBox email address and fill in the Reply-To: field in the step 7 too.

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