about me

I'm Toralf.

I was born in 1967 in Anklam in the northern part of the 1990 dissolved East Germany. In 1993 I made my graduate engineer in Electrical Engineering ("Technical Cybernetics and Automation Technology") at the University Rostock. Since 1998 I live in Hamburg, a great town.

I like to go swim and reading books, play Skat and Doppelkopf. At my birthday my wish is always the world peace but at least a good book. My favourite writers are Ian Mortimer (mediaevalist) and Ulrich Ritzel (crime) respectively. Few years ago I started to visit the european capitols. I do maintain few Tor relays.


I call myself an "IT engineer".
In the late 80s I teached myself the computer programming language BASIC, starting with paper and pencil till I owned my first computer. Coded in the 90s in C, Perl and Shell. Nowadays I do use Terraform, Python and Shell. Here's my profile at Xing.

contact methods

Replace flarot with toralf in flarot.foerster@gmx.de (PGP: 1A376F99 4A9D026F 13E24DCF C4EACDDE 0076E94E).
For IRC I registered the nick toralf at the IRC networks Freenode, OFT, and hackint. Usually I hang around in #gentoo, #gentoo-dev, #tor-relays and #ccchh respectively.
With Jabber replace flarot with toralf in flarot@jabber.ccc.de.
Both at GitHub and at GitLab I'm registered with my first name toralf.
I'm a Gentoo Linux developer, here's the wiki page.

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