about me

I'm Toralf.

I was born in the late 60s in Anklam in the northern part of the 1990 dissolved East Germany. In 1993 I made my graduate engineer in Electrical Engineering ("Technical Cybernetics and Automation Technology") at the University Rostock. Since 1998 I live in Hamburg, a great town.

I like to go swim, to read books and news papers, play Skat and Doppelkopf. At my birthday my wish is always the world peace but at least a good book. My favourite writers are Ian Mortimer (mediƦvalist), Ulrich Ritzel (crime), Eugen Ruge and Ingo Schulze (novelists). Few years ago I started to visit european capitols in my holidays, after few capitols in the western and northern area Prag, Riga and Warsaw were the last ones. Tallinn. London and Kiev are planned to be the next. I run few Tor relays and bridges. And, I'm a Gentoo Linux developer.


I call myself being an "IT engineer" (my profile at Xing).

contact methods

Replace flarot with toralf in flarot.foerster@gmx.de or flarot@jabber.ccc.de. (PGP: 1A376F99 4A9D026F 13E24DCF C4EACDDE 0076E94E). I registered the nicks toralf and toralf_ at the IRC networks Libera, OFTC and hackint. Usually I hang around in #gentoo, #gentoo-dev, #tor-relays and #ccchh respectively. Find me at GitHub and GitLab.

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